January 2012

Lowlife studio sessions

Gi3MO and Ceezlin went up to Lowlife studios last week to hit up a freestyle – this is what happened..

Think you’ll agree these videos prove Rum Committee spitters are on a next level! We’ll be looking foward to seeing more from lowlife sessions especially appearances from Prince Kong, Captain Bukioe and Rag’N'Bone’s all coming soon!

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Up & coming shows for january

Okay got a few things happening for the rest of january, Committee are gonna be gracing stages in London, Brighton & Bournmouth..

First off, 25th of January we are in Shoreditch getting rumbustious at “Don’t Hog” The new Monthly open mic night from Don’t Flop!


Secondly on the 26th you can catch Ceezlin, Gi3MO and Prince Kong and representing RAP & squaring off against poets in the annual POETS Vs EMCEES’s event. It’s always a big one so get tickets early (and at £3 you can’t go wrong!)


On the 29th we’ll be at the Winchester in Bournmouth headlining Backyard Boogaloo’s all day event. Come hit us up! This is gonna be a good month!

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There are some who say that heavy drinking is not big or clever. There are others – Ernest Hemingway, for example – who’d argue that it is very big and clever indeed. We introduce the latest exhibit to support the latter thinking, Boozetown, the debut album from Brighton’s Rum Committee – MCs TC Johnston, Prince Kong, Gizmo and Captain Bukioe, singer Rag ‘n’Bonez Man, Producers Sherlock Bones, Direct, Kid Danger, Dan Dastard and DJ Choice.

Boozetown is not just an album – it’s a guided tour of the underbelly of a city, an increasingly inebriated lurch through Brighton’s taverns and fleshpots towards the cold light of dawn, in an unfamiliar place of brawling and bonhomie, of shotgunning bottles on the beach and taxis refusing to take your custom. Album opener Boozetown is an eerie, foreboding premonition of what you can expect from the night ahead, that’ll leave you unsure as to whether you should dive head-first into the city and all it contains, or get on the first train and high-tail it out of there. And then you’re off into rowdy speakeasies, where the soundtrack is that of party bangers and hardcore headcrackers like 50 50, Committee Shindig, F**k Up The Party and Gritty Committee. But when you get to the solemn, darkly introspective Pen Clenchers, the vibe suddenly switches, and all of a sudden you’ve rocked up in an after-hours club, drinking just to keep drinking, running out of hours, all to a smoky jazz soundtrack. As if to remind you that that last double rum was a bad idea, Outside The Window flips the script again, being a sobering cautionary tale of what happens when you let the booze get the best of you. But there’s still time for a grand finale, a rambunctious last toast to the glories of the night with the blowsy Yudunwanadrink.

Rum Committee have created an alternative, slightly skewed reality for the south coast’s own Sin City, with its own sound and language, which is part battle rapper (Kong, Gizmo and TC are all rap battle veterans – the crew that spits bars together, hits bars together, after all) – and part wise-arse 1950s hoodlum, over corpulent breaks that throw in licks of heavy jazz, ragtime, dancehall, ska, blues, torch songs… Whatever fits. And across 14 faultless tracks, it always fits. It’s 18 years since US hip-hop had its first concise, cohesive, filler-free booze-rap classic in the shape of Tha Alkaholiks’ 21 And Over – now, in Boozetown, UK hip-hop finally has its equivalent. It’s a binge of banging beats, bruising bars, bravado and bacchanalia – and beautiful, beautiful booze by the beach.

Brighton is 54 miles from London as the crow flies. But Boozetown? A million miles away and more, brother.

Boozetown VIDEO

F%*k Up The Party Video

Committee Is Boss


The “Committee is Boss” mixtape is a 32 track slam banger of a compilation mixed by Rum Committee resident DJ Choice. Check out the many styles of the Committee and their musical affiliates over three mixes all squeezed into one package…TC Johnston, Prince Kong, Gi3MO, Captain Bukioe, Sherlock Bones, Direct, Dan Darstard, Kid Danger, DJ Choice, Rag’n'Bone Man, Mad Hatter, Scizzahz, Jae Genius, Tom Hines, Lowki, Rizzle Kicks, Ruff Snippets, Becky Eaves, Lethal Junkie, Red Cap, Phocus Beats.

Follow this varied collection of tracks over three mixes jammed into one. The first jumps straight in with the party hyped-up Rumble Mix aimed to get you up to speed with official party business. Sandwiched in the middle is the Redrum Mix where it’s time to get shank deep into the grittiness that brings a bloodthirsty twist to the speakers. To finish off is the calm after the storm where the Rum Runners Mix takes you through the mellow aftermath of what defines why Committee is indeed truly boss.

This soon to be ‘series’ of mixtapes will feature anything that is circulating in the Committee circles released or unreleased. The next being mixed by Direct is already in the making…shit it’s making itself as we churn out that sweet speaker goodness everyday…keep your ears to the ground.

Running Punch – The Letter (Video)

Fresh for the new year Rum Committee’s Sherlock Bones and Captain Bukioe put together this classic of a video for the Publish or Perish album track “The Letter”. You can check out the full album right here.

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