About The Committee

Rum Committee came together in summer 2009, through mutual friends, open mic nights and a general love of all things rum and rap related. Most of us originate from Brighton (Bukioe hails from Reading), with Kong and Gizmo being old childhood friends who lost touch and became re-acquainted years later. As far as debut album 'BoozeTown' goes, we've kept everything completely in house, with no guest verses, beats, artwork or anything else. We have collaborated musically with a lot of Brighton heads (Tom Caruana and Rizzle Kicks to name a couple) and are working on projects with artists across the country & abroad in the present. With too many live shows and festivals under our belt to list, we're giving the live hip-hop scene the kick up the arse it so desperately needs.

Also, you can catch Rum Committee emcees Prince Kong, Gizmo and TC Johnston in the UK's leading rap battle league 'Don't Flop', generating tens of thousands of views and claiming various scalps in the process. In short, we are RUMBUSTIOUS (look it up). If Rock N Roll is dead then Rum Committee are the next best thing. If Hip Hop is dead... nahh on second thoughts. forget it..

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